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Annual Fund Raiser
Proceeds go directly to Tuskegee International Schools - Ghana, We
st Africa to support scholarships, structural growth of the buildings, and school materials that include uniforms, books, and fees.
The 5th Annual 
TUSKEGEE TROT was a big success on Saturday, May 7th 2011- all proceeds go toward further construction of the school. Thank you participants and sponsors for your support which allows  educational opportunities for Tuskegee students in Ghana, West Africa
Fourth annual
May 2010
 The Tuskegee Trot was greeted with great weather. A scheduling glich took the trot off the field onto the courtyard when soccer games needed the space but being adaptable (like Ghanaians at Tuskegee) proved to be a most rewarding experience. The courtyard’s intimate setting proved to be the perfect place to trot (estimated times around the area is 14 which equals one mile). Kids were able to take a respite from their trotting by playing on the equipment and parents had a perfect view of their children as they had a chance to connect with each other.
The trotters moved around the courtyard to the drumming sounds of a group called Sheboom. Headed by Aimee Bass (Parker parent to 7th grader Del Sato), the group not only shared their African Drumming techniques but encouraged all trotters to try their hand at drumming. 
This year’s trot was also supported by a card company called Eclectik ( Owned by two sisters, they create greeting cards with the Chicago Skyline. They agreed to give 10 % of purchases for that day to Tuskegee
Holiday Party
Friends of Caring Kid Connections hosted an art party at Easel Art Studio in Chicago. Families with children of all ages made holiday cards, decorated candle holders, and created beaded necklaces and bracelets.All proceeds from this event will purchase art supplies for Tuskegee students that will develop and enhance various media in art
at the school.
December 2010
(see sidebar for more deatils on Art for Africa 2010)
December 2009
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