Caring Kid Connections - Raising Global Awareness through Kid Connections
The Francis W. Parker School of Chicagoand Tuskegee International Schools- Ghana are part of Chicago Sister Cities program. Students from kindergarten through 8th grade correspond with each other and learn about their different cultures through drawings, letters, and projects. Students are encouraged to share information about their country, school, and family that will widen understanding and relationships between the two.
Since 1901, Francis W. Parker School has provided Chicago with a compelling educational experience, encompassing the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and moral development of the individual student in the context of community life. As the only independent school in Chicago where students from 14 grades share a single building, our campus functions as a model home, offering collaborative opportunities among grade levels as part of t he curriculum.
Parker's Principal Dan Frank says,
"Parker students are able to think and act with creativity, courage and commitment as participatory citizens in our interdependent contemporary world".
Francis W Parker school is located in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.
Tuskegee International School
Madina, Accra, Ghana, West Africa
Tuskegee International School believes that an investment in a child’s education pays the best dividends, therefore our doors are open to children from all walks of life. A child need not be from a wealthy home to attend the Tuskegee International School, parents just have to be deeply committed to the quality of the child’s education and life
Our approach to education is based on the fact that both children and adults learn best through experience and the process of independent discovery. Our curriculum has unusual substance and depth, yet we do not place undue stress on academic competition for grades. Our students learn side-by-side at their own pace, striving to the highest limits of their ability.
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