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 Gifts that Keep on Giving
Do you know someone who is hard to buy for? Do you know someone who believes in legacies? Why not honor that person by purchasing something for Tuskegee in his or her name. Choose from our wish list below, make a donation and we will send the recipient a beautiful Caring Kid Connections card, telling them how the gift made an impact on the life of a student or students in Ghana, West Africa. (Don't hesitate to contact us at with questions.)
Donate to the mind and spirit of the students in Ghana
Full or partial support is appreciated
UNIFORMS: Nursery through JHS III (junior high) Uniforms consists of a jumper and blouse for younger girls, shorts and shirt for ALL boys. Older girls wear a blouse and skirt.  
COST: Nursery through Class 6 (6 graders) $10 U.S.  ea.           
         JHS I, II, III                $15 U.S.   ea. 
 TEXT BOOKS: Students need textbooks that cover the following subjects: English, Math, Science, Creative Arts, Religious and Moral Education, French, ICT (Information, Communication, Technology), and Twi (native language).  
COST per year for each student:             
                      KG – 6 grade                     $36.00 U.S.                     
            JHS I, II, III                $ 48.00 U.S.
LUNCH: Students who receive lunch often have this as the only meal of their day. Madam Fausty, (wife of founder Charles) cooks  Waakye (rice & beans), Jollof (rice & stew), and fish and rice. These dishes have a lot of protein and are good nourishment for the children.  

Nursery – 6 grade                   $3.00 per week              $14.00 per month
JHS I, II, III                       $4.00 per week               $16.00 per month
EXERCISE BOOKS: These are used by students to write down assignments and do homework. Each student has 6-8 books that they use for various subjects in math, English, science, creative arts, Twi (native language) Religious and Moral Education, and French.  
COST:  $5.00 per set per year
 SCHOOL SUPPLIES: this includes pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, colored pencils and container to hold the items. 
COST: $7.00 per year per student
EDUCATION: (tuition) Tuition is by semester. Listed below are the grades and cost to educate ONE child per year at the specific grade levels. Free tuition is provided for needy children. 
Nursery, KG I, KG 2 -                              $135.00 per year, per student Class One through Class 6 -                      $168.00 per year, per student
JHS I, II, III                              $ 204.00 per year, per student
BUILDING of STRUCTURES – this is on-going. The first floor has been completed. Second floor construction has begun - to include more classrooms, a library, and a computer center.  
There are 240 students presently enrolled at Tuskegee International School. They start as young as 2 years of age. Each child is treated with respect and encouraged to learn all that they can. Charles Yarfoh wants his students to know that the way out of poverty is through education. He hopes one day to graduate a student from Tuskegee that will be the president of Ghana.
Tuskegee's founder, students, teachers, and parents send a heartfelt thank you (Medase) to all who understand their vision and help support their growth and development.
  Getting Ready to Upgrade your laptop computer?  Don’t know what to do with your old one?  Why not make a difference in the education of students inGhana, West Africa.  Donate to the Tuskegee International School.  Our on site coordinator, Greenie will be glad to take your gently used laptops to Ghana this summer.  E-mail Caring Kid Connections if you are willing to support the Computer Technology  Program ofTuskegee International School   We appreciate your support.

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