Caring Kid Connections - Raising Global Awareness through Kid Connections
Caring Kid Connections is privileged and honored to have various donors and sponsors. Through their continued support we are seeing growth and improvement in the building structures of Tuskegee International School. 
Additonally, in 2010 one of the donors provided scholarships for 30 students.
Here are some of our sponsors that contribute to Tuskegee. They provide services and donate a percent of what they make to our cause. Please consider going to these websites and making use of their products and services.
A great place for art of all types

ECLECTIK DESIGN - We are proud to have collaborated with Eclectik for a number of years. When you buy regular or custom cards from Eclectik's stunning collection, Caring Kid Connections will receive 10% of the total purchase price as a donation. 

1911 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago 60647
(773) 360-1720
An Art Studio for kids, offering fun classes, birthday parties & camps.
Easel Art hosts our Art for Africa event in the Holiday season each year and kindly donates the space for the entire day and all supplies.

Oliver's Labels is a great company producing fun labels that stick to everything! From photo labels, to iron-on and customized, they do it all. And they work!
Oliver's labels supports charities by giving them 20% on each sale made through that charity or referred by that charity. We are registered with Oliver's Labels to receive this donation, so please take a look.

BLICK ART SUPPLIES - For our 2011 Art for Africa event in Chicago, the local branch of Blick generously donated art materials for our guests. 
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