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Third graders at Francis W. Parker School worked together to create a learning quilt for their sister school classmates at Tuskegee.  Students decorated square pieces of cloth, then drew pictures with descriptions of things that pertain to the Chicagoland area. They included history of Chicago, sports, food, and landmarks.

As a reciprocal gesture, Tuskegee 3rd and 4th grade students created their own quilt for their Parker classmates. This quilt included history of Ghana, life style, and food. 

Both quilts will hand in their opposite sister schools as a reflection of learning between the two schools.

Pencil/ Marker Bag Project
This year's project gets at the heart of what all children need - a place to keep their pencils, markers, rulers, etc.  Students from Parker school will be decorating one side of fabric zipped pouches and then filling them with supplies.
Then students from Tuskegee will decorate the other side of the pouches with their names and designs.  We will begin this project in January.
2009 - 2010
Children at Tuskegee International bring coins each day to school to purchase snacks and pay fees. Often times they carry these coins (pesewas) in their hands and lose them while walking on the road. The kindergarteners of Mrs. Nielsen's class along with their third grade buddies in Ms. Abu's class decided to make heart shaped coin purses that will be given to the students at Tuskegee. as a sister school project. Each purse will include one or two pesewa coins that will go toward the purchase of a snack. 
In addition to the coin purses, special bags were made for older students and a handkerchief was placed in each one. 
Brianna said:
"I wanted to help Ms. Greenie with this project because it is important for people to help others.  I think the children will love the pouches and handkerchiefs."
Christian  said:
"The reason I thought it was important for me to make the craft project for the children of Ghana was to share a bit of what I can do for other children.  I like getting special gifts and I know they would like to also.  It was fun and I hope everyone enjoys what I made."
Legacy Books and Bags Project
We are  working on the “Legacy Book Project” to support children of the Tuskegee International School.
At present, the students of Tuskegee are limited to reading small handfuls of books provided during school hours. At the end of the day, students go to their homes where there are little or no reading materials. They often come back to the school after hours hoping to look through some of the books put away at night by their teachers.
For these students to have books to keep in their homes would be a great way to foster literacy for them as well as their parents. In addition, various African American authors will join in donating their books to Tuskegee students.
With the help of a mini-grant from Kids Care Clubs, we were able to purchase bags and pens for this project.
Greenie's  first graders will decorate the tote bags with fabric pens. The donated books will be placed inside these bags and be hand delivered by her to the students of Tuskegee in December when she goes to Ghana.                                                           
Here are a few of the students from Tuskegee International School that received the books. The students had a chance to put their own decorations on the other side of the bag before taking it home.  A total of 220 bags and 440 books were received by the students of Tuskegee. Each student was happy to now have their own books to take home and a bag to keep them in. Greenie will continue bringing books for the children to take home and keep so they can expand their personal libraries.
2007 - 2008
Abacus Project
A collaborative effort of Parker first and fifth graders, these abacuses are being used by class ones and class fives at Tuskegee.
2006 - 2007
Kids to Kids Doll Project
Francis Parker first graders and their parents created clothes for dolls and puppets. Over 100 of these completed dolls and puppets were given to Nursery through 3rd graders at Tuskegee.
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